Secondary Circulars


Dear Students and Parents,
As we embark on a new academic year, it is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to another chapter in your educational journey. This year promises to be filled with exciting opportunities for growth, learning, and achievement. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where every student can thrive.

1.Students must report to the school by sharp 8.55am. Parents have to pick up their ward immediately after the school gets over. In case, if the parents are unable to do so, the child will wait with the watchman 10 minutes after the school concludes.

2. Parents to note that after three late remarks, the student will be sent home.

3.Wearing smart watches to school, carrying mobiles or expensive gadgets to school is strictly prohibited. If any student is found doing so, will be punished and these things will be confiscated.

4.Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers during school hours. Parents may meet the teachers between 3.30pm to 4.00pm (Monday to Friday). Prior appointment with the teacher has to be made by sending a note through the child’s calendar.

5. Parents are expected to drop the children at the school gate and are not allowed to meet the students during school hours.

6.Students should adhere to school’s dress code throughout the year. They must come to school in clean, ironed uniforms, clean white socks and polished shoes. The students must wear their I cards everyday.

7. If parents need to apply for any important document (Bonafide certificate), they may mail the application to the school. (

8. Any application or letter addressed to the Headmistress can be deposited in the designated DROPBOX located at Gate No. 1 or Gate No. 2.

9. All monthly circulars and important notices will be posted on the school website. ( A copy of the circulars will be put up at the school gate as well. Only important notices in case of emergencies will be communicated via the CR group.

10. Students must carry a folding umbrella in their bags during the rainy season.


  • Monday, 10th June, 2024 — Std 10th Extra Classes begin. April Timetable to be followed. (8.55 am to 3pm)
  • Saturday, 15th June,2024 —- School Reopens. Half Day School (8.55 am to 1.00 pm)
  • Monday, 17th June,2024 —- Std 5 Scholarship Classes begin (7.45am to 8.45am)
  • Tuesday, 18th June,2024 —- Std 8 Scholarship Classes begin (7.45am to 8.45am)



  • Wednesday, 19th June, 2024— SSC Felicitation Programme ( Std 5 to 9 Half day school Timings: 8.55am to 1pm. Std 10 Full day School )
  • Friday, 21st June —- International Yoga Day
  • Tuesday, 25th June —- Campaigning for the post of Vice Prefect & Prefect
  • Friday, 28th June —- Election Ballot for the post of Vice Prefect & Prefect

We encourage parents to actively engage with the school community, as your involvement is crucial to your child’s success. Together, we can create a nurturing and motivating atmosphere that empowers our students to reach their full potential.

We look forward to a productive and rewarding year ahead. Thank you for your constant support and cooperation.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Rama Kulkarni,


Dear Parents,
As we reflect on the past month, we are thrilled to recount how June began with an exciting and warm welcome of our students. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by everyone set a vibrant tone for the school year. Looking ahead, we are delighted to share that July promises to be equally stimulating.

Students from STD 6, 7, and 8 may enrol for Rashtrabhasha classes with Swamita Miss. Classes will be held in school, Monday & Wednesday from 7.45 am to 8.45 am. The classes will commence from mid-July. The details will be given to the students.

Competitive Exams Enrolment

Common Reasoning book for IEO, NSO & IMO Rs. 200/-
Parent’s Sign __________ Total Amount Received in Rs. _______
Date _________ Teacher’s Sign _______

Note: – Interested children can enrol for the external exams on or before Wednesday 24th July, 2024. Please fill the above form and submit the printout of the handwritten copy along with the examination fees in a labelled and sealed envelope to the class teacher on the given date. (Wednesday 24th July, 2024.)

Students from STD 6 to10 may enrol for Drawing Intermediate & Elementary classes with Sachin Sir. Classes will be held in School, Monday to Friday from 7.45am to 8.45am. Fees – 1500/- Per Month. The classes will commence from 1st of July.

     CLASS MEETING SCHEDULE (20.07.2024)

Have a great month!
Parents must check the school website and their mails regularly for any change and instructions.
Thank you!

Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

माध्यमिक शालांत प्रमाणपत्र परीक्षा मार्च २०२४ शास्त्रीय कला, चित्रकला क्षेत्रात प्राविण्य मिळवणाऱ्या व लोककला प्रकारात सहभागी होणाऱ्या विध्यार्थ्यांना सवलतीचे अतिरिक्त गुण.


Dear Parents,
The academic year 2023-2024 proved to be a fun-filled, fruitful year. The academic year was engaging and the students participated in curricular,co-curricular and extra curricular activities enthusiastically. The school wishes to intimate you about the important notices for the upcoming academic year 2024-25.
Kindly note the following: –

• Extra classes for Std X will begin from [8th April 2024 and continue up to 30th April, 2024]Attendance is compulsory.

Monday to Friday – 08:55 a.m. – 03:00 p.m. Saturday – 08:55 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
• The Open Day for std VI – IX is on 26th April, from 02.00 04.00 p.m.
The parents and students are to come to see the answer sheets of the Final Exam in the given timing only.

• The result of Sem II (Std VI – IX) will be declared on:- Date:- 1st May, 2024
Time:- 09.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.
If the parent is not able to come in person, the authority letter must be issued by him / her to the person who collects the report card on his / her behalf.

• Extra Classes for students of Std. X will begin from Saturday, 1st June 2024.

The same timings and Time Table as given in April, 2024 to be followed in the month of June.

• The school will reopen for the new academic year 2024-25 Std. V to X officially on Saturday, 15th June, 2024. It is a half day school. It will be a regular school and attendance is compulsory. Regular school uniform to be worn. Timings – 8.55 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.

• School Timings in the academic year 2024-25:-
Monday – Friday – 08:55 a.m. – 03:30 p.m., Reporting time – 08.50 a.m. Saturday and Sunday – Holiday
• Book Sale:- Day Date Standard Timing Tuesday 07.05.2024 6 11.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. Tuesday 07.05.2024 7 01.00 p.m. to 02.30 p.m. Wednesday 08.05.2024 8 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Wednesday 08.05.2024 9 11.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.
Venue: – School Courtyard

• The last date to book your sets is 30th April, 2024.
• If you are unable to collect your set on the date given by the school, you are requested to collect your set of books directly from the vendor.

• The school will give extra input for various Competitive Exams from 17th June, 2024, onwards before the regular school timings, 07.45 a.m. – 08:45 a.m. Std. VIII Scholarship – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

• We expect the parents to pay close attention to their wards and help them observe school discipline. It is an appeal to the parents to ensure that –

• Your ward comes in clean and ironed uniform, clean P.T. shoes and is punctual.

• He/She carries School Calendar everyday to the school.

• You, as a Parent must check and sign his/her Calendar and remarks in it, regularly.

• He/she obtains prior permission from the Principal before planning any out station trip during the academic session.

• He/she carries a leave note after being absent.

• He/she does not carry mobile, camera, pen drive, smart watch for any occasion.

• Students are prohibited to be on any Social media platform. (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Snap chat, WhatsApp etc.).Parents must pay personal attention in this matter.

• Kindly note that the school will be providing pre-paid tiffin service, Monday – Friday. You are requested to contact Mr. Milind Limaye – 8421864291

Details of the tiffin services are as follows –
• After the payment of the amount for pre-paid tiffin service to the vendor, the vendor will give coupons for the 1st term. These coupons will be given to the students according to the number of working days in 1st term. Holidays will not be counted.

• Empty tiffins, which the children can easily identify must be brought.

• The charges for the tiffin service is Rs. 50/- per day which includes 2 polis + 1 bhaji. Rs. 10/- will be charged for an extra poli.

• The menu for the entire month will be posted on the CR group for your reference.

Wishing you a Very Happy Summer Vacation.
Ms. Rama Kulkarni Headmistress

Dear Parents,
The new academic year 2023-24 started with the bustle of our students settling into their new classes. Eager to be back, to school, they have shown keen interest in the various new ventures the school has introduced in their Time Table.

• Kindly take note of the following:
1. Standard X- 1st Unit Test – 10th July – 14th July
2. The After School Clubs will commence on Monday, 3rd July 2023 from 3.45 to 4.45 pm.
3. F. A(MDL) classes will commence from Monday, 3rd July 2023.

The school has organised these activities for the month of July.
1. Tuesday, 11th July 2023:
Maths 3D Model Making for STD 8.

2. Wednesday, 19th July 2023:
Adult Education Address for STD 6 and 7.

3. Friday 21st July 2023:
EpicRole Play(History) for Std. 6.

4. Saturday, 22nd July 2023:
Nature Walk – Taljai – STD 5.

5. Monday, 24th July 2023:
English Short Play Enactment – STD 5, 6

6. Tuesday, 25th July 2023:
Marcus Cato Inter-School Elocution Competition- STD 9 and 10

7. Wednesday, 26th July 2023:
Water Security Address- STD 9 and 10

8. Thursday, 27th July 2023:
Abhivachan- STD 9

9. Friday, 28th July 2023:
Making Weapon- Shivaji Era- STD 7

Competitive Exams Enrolment:

Rashtrabhasha exam- Students from STD 6, 7, and 8 may enrol for Rashtrabhasha classes with Swamitha Miss. Classes will be in School, Monday-Wednesday 8.00- 9.00 am. The classes will commence in mid-July.
Olympiads: Science, Maths, English
Students from STD 5-10 may enrol their names with Ms Manjiri Dhere
Maharashtra Shodh Pariksha: It is a preparatory exam for STD 8 Scholarship Exam. Students of STD 6 and STD 7 may enrol with Ms Kavita Chandakkar

1. Monday, 3rd July 2023: Guru Purnima Celebration
Have a great month!
Parents must check the school Website regularly for any changes and instructions.

Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
Plenty of co-curricular activities have engaged the students in the past month. The response to the “After School Clubs” has been overwhelming. Horizons have been widened and new interest imbibed.
Academic skills are the foremost priority of the School, coupled with a variety of Inter-School and Inhouse Competitions. The keen participation of the students in the above has been rewarding.

Kindly note the changes for the month of August 2023 in the School Calendar:

1. The 1st Unit Test for Std 5 – 9:
Std 5-8: 17th August – 21st August 2023
Std 9: 17th August – 22nd August 2023

2. As per the instructions given by S.P. Mandali, the school will remain closed on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2023.
However, these working days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) will be compensated with 5th August, 19th August and 2nd September which are Saturdays as working days (8.55 am – 3.30 pm). Parents are to take note that attendance on these days is mandatory for the Children.

The time- table to be followed on these days is as:
5th August – Wednesday TimeTable
19th August – Std 5 – 9 (First Unit Test Papers)
– Std 10 (Full Working day)
2nd September – Friday TimeTable

3. 15th August – Independence Day
Reporting time for Students: 7.00 am
Dispersal from School :8.30 am
Dress Code: P.T. Uniform
Attendance is compulsory.

The following activities have been planned for the month of August.
1. Tuesday, 29th August 2023:
Marathi Speech Competition – Std X

2. Monday, 14th August 2023:
Maths Puzzles and Games – Std 7

3. Thursday, 17th August 2023:
Making Stone Age Tools – Std 5

4. Tuesday, 22nd August 2023:
Weapon Making- Shivaji Era – Std 7

5. Tuesday, 29th August 2023:
Play Reading (English) – Std 7

6. Thursday, 31st August 2023:
Geography Talent Quiz – Std 7-8

7. Thursday, 31st August 2023:
Sanskrit Day Program – Std 8-9

1. Tuesday 29th August 2023: Raksha Bandhan
➢ Tuesday, 1st August, 2023
Anna Bhau Sathe Jayanti
➢ Wednesday, 16th August, 2023
Parsi New Year
➢ Wednesday, 30th August, 2023
Raksha Bandhan

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.
Have a great month!
Thank you! Mrs Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
With the completion of the first quarter of the academic year which has had exciting moments for our students, we now are gearing up for the most loved festival – “Ganesh Utsav”. Our students, (Std 8,9) will be participating in the “Dhwaj Pathak” as a part of the ” Ganesh Immersion” celebrations. It is an honour for the school to contribute to such a grand event. These activities encourage students to imbibe and permeate good values in the society.

Kindly note the important dates in the September School Calendar:
1. 2nd September 2023 is a working Saturday.
It will be full day school, 8.55 am – 3.30 pm. The students will follow the Friday time table.

2. As per the instructions given by the S.P. Mandali, the school will remain closed on 13th, 14th and 15th September, 2023

3. The school will be a part of the “Ganesh Immersion Procession” on Thursday, 28th September, 2023.

4. There is a change in the date for “Snacks Sale”. The sale has been postponed and the new date will be intimated to STD VIII students.

The following activities have been planned for the month of September, 2023.
1. Saturday, 2nd September, 2023
Marathi Speech Competition – STD IX, X

2. Tuesday, 5th September, 2023:
Teachers’ Day Celebration

3. Friday, 8th September, 2023:
Hindi Diwas – Interschool Competition – STD VIII

4. Monday, 11th September, 2023:
Interschool Product Design Competition- STD X

5. Tuesday, 12th September, 2023:
Visit to Industry – STD VI (Science Activity) Honeybee Centre, PUNE.

6. Monday,18th September , 2023:
Visit to an Industry, STD VIII

7. Tuesday, 26th September ,2023:
Dodging Tables- STD V (Maths Activity)

1. Tuesday 5th September, 2023: Teachers’ Day
(Half day School: 8.55 am – 1.00 pm)

2. Monday, 18th September, 2023:
Installation of Ganpati Bappa in the School

3. Wednesday, 20th September, 2023:
Aarti: Ganpati Bappa

4. Thursday, 28th September, 2023:
Dhwaj Pathak- Ganpati Immersion

Inter School Events:
1. 8th, 9th, 10th September, 2023:
STD 9th Students to attend “Leadership Conference for Students” at

2. 11th September, 2023:
Interschool Product Design Competition

3. 8th September, 2023:
S.P.M hosts Interschool Competition to Celebrate “Hindi Diwas”.

* OPEN DAY FOR THE 1st UNIT TEST: 8th September, 2023
 STD IX: 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
 STD V – STD VIII: 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm


7th September, 2023: Gopalkala

Wednesday, 13th September, Thursday 14th September and Friday 15th
September 2023: School Closed as per S.P. Mandali’s Instructions.

Tuesday, 19th September, 2023: Ganesh Chaturthi

Thursday, 21st September, 2023: Gauri Avahan

Friday, 22nd September, 2023: Gauri Poojan

Thursday, 28th September, Friday, 29th September, 2023:
Anant Chaturdashi and the next day

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.

Have a great month!
Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
Numerous co-curricular activities engaged the students last month and the reward being that they learned to go beyond the textbook and explore themselves in areas depending on their interests and talents.
It has been enriching to see how the students find their own niche and identity in the scheme of activities offered by the school. They discover their potential.
The school aims to mould individuals who are balanced and have a firm belief in themselves.
Curricular activities have proven to improve academic scores along with happy, content childhood memories.
With the onset of October and exams just around the corner we at SPM wish to encourage the students to concentrate on their academics and do very well in the upcoming “Terminal Exam”.

Kindly note the important dates and the Terminal Exam Schedule.
1. 2nd October, 2023:
Gandhi Jayanti is a non-instructional day. The students will have school from 8.55 am – 11.00 am.

2. 2nd October will be celebrated as Sevak – Sevika Day in school.

3. The Terminal exam for STD X has been postponed due to Elementary Drawing Exam.

The following activities have been planned for the month of October 2023.
1. Friday, 13th October 2023:
STD 8: Pleasure trip – Tamhini
STD 9: Pleasure Trip – Torna Foothills

2. Tuesday, 10th October, 2023:
STD 6: Maths Activity: Approx. of Measurement

3. Friday, 20th October, 2023:
STD 7: Visit to a Library.

4. Wednesday,11th October, 2023:
STD 8: Snack Sale

The following activities have been planned for the month of November, 2023.
1. Tuesday, 28th November, 2023
STD 8: Discussion on Hastlekhan

2. Wednesday, 29th November, 2023:
STD 8, 9: Geeta Recitation Competition

3. Thursday, 30th November, 2023:
STD 7: Soap Making Activity

1. STD X:
9th October, 2023 – 20th October 2023

2. STD IX:
25th October, 2023 – 8th November, 2023

30th October, 2023 – 8th November, 2023

4. STD V, VI, VII:
31st October 2023 – 8th November, 2023

1. Monday, 2nd October, 2023: Sevak – Sevika Day

 Tuesday, 24th October, 2023: Daserra
 9th November, 2023 – 24th November, 2023: Diwali Vacation.
 Monday, 27th November, 2023: Guru Nanak Jayanti

School Reopens on 28th November, 2023.
It will be a full day school. (8.55 am – 3.30 pm)

The school has planned to have “Deeputsav” on 8th November 2023. Please note that the Exam Timing for STD 5-9 has been adjusted to facilitate the coordination with Deeputsav Celebrations.

School timing on 8th November 2023: 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Further notice will be given regarding Exam Timing on 8th November, 2023. (In Time Table)

The Exam Time Tables for STD 5-10 will be given to students and also be posted on the Website.
Wishing you a glowing festival of lights and a wonderful family holiday.
Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.


Have a great month!
Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
A warm welcome to the IInd Term. Come December and the students begin to gear up for the ‘Annual Concert’, the most looked forward-to event in the School Calendar. It is a platform that showcases the kaleidoscopic talents of the students, ranging from drama to oratory, dance and singing.
We encourage the students to focus at the same time on upcoming competitions, sports tournaments and Interschool events.
At SPM, we ensure that our students get multiple opportunities to evolve, grow and find many reasons to be happy.
We hope the coming month will create ample scope for students to nurture their aspirations through the activities chalked out for them.
At SPM every child is special, unique and precious.
We are wishing you a cheerful month.


1. The following Saturdays, the participants only are to come for concert practice:
• 2nd December 2023: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm
• 9th December 2023: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm
• 16th December 2023: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm
(Full Rehearsal)

The dress code is P.T Uniform on all Saturdays.

2. Saturday 9th December, 2023:
Open Day: STD 5-9: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm

3. 5th December – 9th December 2023:
STD X = 2nd Unit Test

4. Wednesday, 20th December, 2023:
Open Day: STD X (Timings will be informed)

5. Thursday 21st December, 2023:
Dress Rehearsal
Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida
Reporting time for students – 4.30 pm
Rehearsal Time – 5.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Dispersal Time for students – 8.45 pm

6. Friday 22nd December, 2023:
Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida
Reporting time for students – 4.30 pm
Concert Timing: 5.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Dispersal time for students – 8.45 pm
(Parents are requested to drop and pick up their child from the venue on 21st and 22nd December 2023)

The following activities have been planned for the month of December, 2023.
1. Tuesday, 5th December, 2023
STD 8: Mock Parliament
2. Friday, 22nd December, 2023
Annual Concert

• Monday, 25th December, 2023: Christmas
• Tuesday, 26th December, 2023 : Datta Jayanti
• Wednesday, 27th December, 2023 – Friday, 29th December, 2023 : Winter Break
• Monday, 1st January, 2024 : New Year

• School reopens on Tuesday, 2nd January, 2024.
It will be a full day School.
(8.55 am – 3.30 pm)

Best Compliments of the season.
Wishing you a fantastic New Year 2024

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.
Have a great month!


Thank you!
                                                                                                        Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
Wishing you all a blessed and joyous New Year 2024.
We are sure that the winter break has energized you to get back to school with renewed vigour to embrace all that we have in store for you.
A new year always brings fresh beginnings, exciting new experiences and also another chance to put in our best in our work and play.
Always keep in mind that our children will learn that: challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Encouraging our children to be goal-setters and mindful achievers must be our aim.


The following activities have been planned for January 2024.
1. Wednesday, 3rd January, 2024.
Std. 7: Making Valentine Greeting Cards for Soldiers.
2. Wednesday, 17th January, 2024.
Std. 9: Science paper presentation.
3. Monday, 29th January, 2024.
Std. 8: Visit the library.

Pleasure Trips:
Std. 5: 5th- 06th January 2024 – Bhor Fun Camp.
Std. 6: Friday, 12th January, 2024. – Fort Koraigad.
Std. 7: Monday, 8th January, 2024 – Tikona Fort.

Republic Day Celebrations :
Friday, 26th January 2024 (Details will be sent)

Prelims for std X schedule:


Resource Persons Lectures for std.X (All Subjects)
24th January, 2024 to 3rd February, 2024.

• Monday, 15th January, 2024: Makar Sankranti.

Monday, 29th January, 2024 to Friday, 2nd February, 2024.
(The timetable will be posted on the website and given to the students.)

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.
Have a great month!

Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
As the school year enters the month of February, we embark upon a number of exciting excursions and activities that enable the students to enjoy academics through the discovery and participation in the same. This month along with the Test Schedule, the students have a host of fun-packed programs to look forward to.
February sets in motion the new goals you wish to achieve. Let us focus this month on motivating ourselves and accomplishing our aims.


1. Thursday, 1st February, 2024:
STD 5 : Flea market

2. Friday, 2nd February, 2024:
STD IX : IInd Unit Test Ends

3. Tuesday, 6th February, 2024:
STD 5 and STD 8: 2nd Mock Test: Scholarship Exam

4. 12th February, 2024: 15th February, 2024:
STD 5 – 8: IInd Unit Test

(Time Table will be given to students and posted on the School Website)

5. Sunday, 18th February, 2024:
STD 5 and STD 8: Scholarship Exam (Details of venue will be given to students)

1. Monday, 5th February, 2024:
Founder’s Day

2. Wednesday, 21st February, 2024:
STD 5: Hindi Poetry Recitation

3. Sports Day:
STD 5, 6, 7, 8: 20th, 21st February

4. Saturday, 24th February, 2024:
STD 5 – 9: Prize Distribution Ceremony
Timings: 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Venue: Lady Ramabai Hall, S.P. College Campus
(Details for the ceremony will be intimated to the Prize Winner through C.R)

5. Saturday, 24th February, 2024:
STD 5: Field Trip – Mulshi

6. Monday, 26th February, 2024:
STD 9: Snack Sale

1. 1st February, 2024 – 6th February, 2024:
Practice Papers

2. Tuesday, 6th February, 2024:
Open Day (Prelims Exam)

3. Friday, 9th February, 2024:
Farewell Function (Students will be given details)

4. Dates for Board Science Practical’s and Language Orals will be informed as soon as school receives instructions from S.S.C Board.

1. Monday, 19th February, 2024:
Shiv Jayanti (Half Day School)
Timings: 9.00 am- 11.30 am

2. Tuesday, 27th February, 2024:
Marathi Day Program

3. Wednesday, 28th February, 2024:
Science Day Program

1. The School will be giving the “ADMIT CARD” to the students on the day of the Science Practical Exam for the Boards.

2. The S.S.C Board Exam Time Table will be displayed on School Notice Board outside the main office.
Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.
Wishing you a fruitful month!

Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
Time does fly and how quickly we are close to the end of another successful and fulfilling academic year. March brings in a sense of accomplishment, moments of contentment and joy to reflect upon.

March is filled with attainable goals. We encourage our children to aim high in academics. For this we need to guide and motivate them to move in the correct direction. Let us take time to nurture our little ones to face all challenges that may encounter to achieve their goals.

March sees the final examination around the corner. This month let us go the extra mile and work hard to procure outstanding grades.

The keyword for the month:



1. Friday, 1st March, 2024
Open Day for STD 5 – 8
Timings: 1.00 pm – 3.30 pm

2. Friday, 1st March, 2024
Science Exhibition open for Parents
Timings: 1.00 pm – 3.30 pm
Venues: ATL Lab (Ground Floor)
Primary Courtyard
X B Classroom (Ground floor)


Friday, 8th March, 2024.

Monday, 25th March, 2024.

Friday, 29th March, 2024.
Good Friday

Tuesday, 9th April, 2024.
Gudi Padwa

Thursday, 11th April, 2024.
Ramzan Eid

1. Monday, 4th March – Tuesday, 26th March, 2024
STD X: S.S.C. Board Exams.

2. STD IX: Final Exams:
18th -19th March, 2024:
Science Practicals, Maths Practicals, Language Orals
20th March, 2024 – 5th April, 2024:
Written Examination
NON – GRADED SUBJECTS: 15th March, 2024.

2nd April, 2024 – 12th April, 2024.
STD VIII: 1st April, 2024 – 12th April, 2024.

F.A: 19th March, 2024 – 22nd March, 2024.
DRAWING: 18th March, 2024 – 22nd March, 2024.
COMPUTER: 27th March, 2024.

Time Table for all exams will be posted on web site

Orientation for the following are scheduled as below:

Friday, 5th April, 2024.
An Orientation for STD IX parents will be conducted to give a detailed briefing about the upcoming STD X batch regarding academic schedule and evaluation pattern for S.S.C. Board Exam.
Time: 02.00 pm – 03.30 pm

STD VII (Students) – Scholarship Exam

STD V – Homibhabha Young Scientist Exam

STD V – X – Elementary + Intermediate Drawing Exam

STD VI, VII, VIII – Rashtrabhasha Exam

STD VII – Language Preference In STD 8
                Hindi – German – Sanskrit

Dates for above orientations will be intimated on the CR Group.

The STD X batch (2024-2025) will commence their classes in school from Monday 8th April, 2024 to 30th April, 2024.

The School timings will be:
8.55 am – 03.30 pm.
The Time table will be given to the Students.
Dress Code: Regular School Uniform.

Book Sale for STD X ( 2024 – 2025)
Monday, 8th April , 2024
School Courtyard
Timings: 9.00 am – 11.00 am

Parents are invited to view the answer papers of their ward on Thursday, 25th April, 2024
from 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

Please do ensure you come so that you may have a fruitful discussion about your wards progress in academics.

Wednesday, 1st May, 2024.
Timings: 8.30 am to 9.30 am

Details of Book Sale for the next Academic Year for STD 5-9 will be notified to the parents through the CR group.

Wishing you a rejuvenating summer holiday. We look forward to seeing you refreshed for the next academic year.

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.
Wishing you a fruitful month!


Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni