Secondary Circulars


Dear Parents,
The new academic year 2023-24 started with the bustle of our students settling into their new classes. Eager to be back, to school, they have shown keen interest in the various new ventures the school has introduced in their Time Table.

• Kindly take note of the following:
1. Standard X- 1st Unit Test – 10th July – 14th July
2. The After School Clubs will commence on Monday, 3rd July 2023 from 3.45 to 4.45 pm.
3. F. A(MDL) classes will commence from Monday, 3rd July 2023.

The school has organised these activities for the month of July.
1. Tuesday, 11th July 2023:
Maths 3D Model Making for STD 8.

2. Wednesday, 19th July 2023:
Adult Education Address for STD 6 and 7.

3. Friday 21st July 2023:
EpicRole Play(History) for Std. 6.

4. Saturday, 22nd July 2023:
Nature Walk – Taljai – STD 5.

5. Monday, 24th July 2023:
English Short Play Enactment – STD 5, 6

6. Tuesday, 25th July 2023:
Marcus Cato Inter-School Elocution Competition- STD 9 and 10

7. Wednesday, 26th July 2023:
Water Security Address- STD 9 and 10

8. Thursday, 27th July 2023:
Abhivachan- STD 9

9. Friday, 28th July 2023:
Making Weapon- Shivaji Era- STD 7

Competitive Exams Enrolment:

Rashtrabhasha exam- Students from STD 6, 7, and 8 may enrol for Rashtrabhasha classes with Swamitha Miss. Classes will be in School, Monday-Wednesday 8.00- 9.00 am. The classes will commence in mid-July.
Olympiads: Science, Maths, English
Students from STD 5-10 may enrol their names with Ms Manjiri Dhere
Maharashtra Shodh Pariksha: It is a preparatory exam for STD 8 Scholarship Exam. Students of STD 6 and STD 7 may enrol with Ms Kavita Chandakkar

1. Monday, 3rd July 2023: Guru Purnima Celebration
Have a great month!
Parents must check the school Website regularly for any changes and instructions.

Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
Plenty of co-curricular activities have engaged the students in the past month. The response to the “After School Clubs” has been overwhelming. Horizons have been widened and new interest imbibed.
Academic skills are the foremost priority of the School, coupled with a variety of Inter-School and Inhouse Competitions. The keen participation of the students in the above has been rewarding.

Kindly note the changes for the month of August 2023 in the School Calendar:

1. The 1st Unit Test for Std 5 – 9:
Std 5-8: 17th August – 21st August 2023
Std 9: 17th August – 22nd August 2023

2. As per the instructions given by S.P. Mandali, the school will remain closed on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2023.
However, these working days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) will be compensated with 5th August, 19th August and 2nd September which are Saturdays as working days (8.55 am – 3.30 pm). Parents are to take note that attendance on these days is mandatory for the Children.

The time- table to be followed on these days is as:
5th August – Wednesday TimeTable
19th August – Std 5 – 9 (First Unit Test Papers)
– Std 10 (Full Working day)
2nd September – Friday TimeTable

3. 15th August – Independence Day
Reporting time for Students: 7.00 am
Dispersal from School :8.30 am
Dress Code: P.T. Uniform
Attendance is compulsory.

The following activities have been planned for the month of August.
1. Tuesday, 29th August 2023:
Marathi Speech Competition – Std X

2. Monday, 14th August 2023:
Maths Puzzles and Games – Std 7

3. Thursday, 17th August 2023:
Making Stone Age Tools – Std 5

4. Tuesday, 22nd August 2023:
Weapon Making- Shivaji Era – Std 7

5. Tuesday, 29th August 2023:
Play Reading (English) – Std 7

6. Thursday, 31st August 2023:
Geography Talent Quiz – Std 7-8

7. Thursday, 31st August 2023:
Sanskrit Day Program – Std 8-9

1. Tuesday 29th August 2023: Raksha Bandhan
➢ Tuesday, 1st August, 2023
Anna Bhau Sathe Jayanti
➢ Wednesday, 16th August, 2023
Parsi New Year
➢ Wednesday, 30th August, 2023
Raksha Bandhan

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.
Have a great month!
Thank you! Mrs Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
With the completion of the first quarter of the academic year which has had exciting moments for our students, we now are gearing up for the most loved festival – “Ganesh Utsav”. Our students, (Std 8,9) will be participating in the “Dhwaj Pathak” as a part of the ” Ganesh Immersion” celebrations. It is an honour for the school to contribute to such a grand event. These activities encourage students to imbibe and permeate good values in the society.

Kindly note the important dates in the September School Calendar:
1. 2nd September 2023 is a working Saturday.
It will be full day school, 8.55 am – 3.30 pm. The students will follow the Friday time table.

2. As per the instructions given by the S.P. Mandali, the school will remain closed on 13th, 14th and 15th September, 2023

3. The school will be a part of the “Ganesh Immersion Procession” on Thursday, 28th September, 2023.

4. There is a change in the date for “Snacks Sale”. The sale has been postponed and the new date will be intimated to STD VIII students.

The following activities have been planned for the month of September, 2023.
1. Saturday, 2nd September, 2023
Marathi Speech Competition – STD IX, X

2. Tuesday, 5th September, 2023:
Teachers’ Day Celebration

3. Friday, 8th September, 2023:
Hindi Diwas – Interschool Competition – STD VIII

4. Monday, 11th September, 2023:
Interschool Product Design Competition- STD X

5. Tuesday, 12th September, 2023:
Visit to Industry – STD VI (Science Activity) Honeybee Centre, PUNE.

6. Monday,18th September , 2023:
Visit to an Industry, STD VIII

7. Tuesday, 26th September ,2023:
Dodging Tables- STD V (Maths Activity)

1. Tuesday 5th September, 2023: Teachers’ Day
(Half day School: 8.55 am – 1.00 pm)

2. Monday, 18th September, 2023:
Installation of Ganpati Bappa in the School

3. Wednesday, 20th September, 2023:
Aarti: Ganpati Bappa

4. Thursday, 28th September, 2023:
Dhwaj Pathak- Ganpati Immersion

Inter School Events:
1. 8th, 9th, 10th September, 2023:
STD 9th Students to attend “Leadership Conference for Students” at

2. 11th September, 2023:
Interschool Product Design Competition

3. 8th September, 2023:
S.P.M hosts Interschool Competition to Celebrate “Hindi Diwas”.

* OPEN DAY FOR THE 1st UNIT TEST: 8th September, 2023
 STD IX: 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
 STD V – STD VIII: 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm


7th September, 2023: Gopalkala

Wednesday, 13th September, Thursday 14th September and Friday 15th
September 2023: School Closed as per S.P. Mandali’s Instructions.

Tuesday, 19th September, 2023: Ganesh Chaturthi

Thursday, 21st September, 2023: Gauri Avahan

Friday, 22nd September, 2023: Gauri Poojan

Thursday, 28th September, Friday, 29th September, 2023:
Anant Chaturdashi and the next day

Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.

Have a great month!
Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni

Dear Parents,
Numerous co-curricular activities engaged the students last month and the reward being that they learned to go beyond the textbook and explore themselves in areas depending on their interests and talents.
It has been enriching to see how the students find their own niche and identity in the scheme of activities offered by the school. They discover their potential.
The school aims to mould individuals who are balanced and have a firm belief in themselves.
Curricular activities have proven to improve academic scores along with happy, content childhood memories.
With the onset of October and exams just around the corner we at SPM wish to encourage the students to concentrate on their academics and do very well in the upcoming “Terminal Exam”.

Kindly note the important dates and the Terminal Exam Schedule.
1. 2nd October, 2023:
Gandhi Jayanti is a non-instructional day. The students will have school from 8.55 am – 11.00 am.

2. 2nd October will be celebrated as Sevak – Sevika Day in school.

3. The Terminal exam for STD X has been postponed due to Elementary Drawing Exam.

The following activities have been planned for the month of October 2023.
1. Friday, 13th October 2023:
STD 8: Pleasure trip – Tamhini
STD 9: Pleasure Trip – Torna Foothills

2. Tuesday, 10th October, 2023:
STD 6: Maths Activity: Approx. of Measurement

3. Friday, 20th October, 2023:
STD 7: Visit to a Library.

4. Wednesday,11th October, 2023:
STD 8: Snack Sale

The following activities have been planned for the month of November, 2023.
1. Tuesday, 28th November, 2023
STD 8: Discussion on Hastlekhan

2. Wednesday, 29th November, 2023:
STD 8, 9: Geeta Recitation Competition

3. Thursday, 30th November, 2023:
STD 7: Soap Making Activity

1. STD X:
9th October, 2023 – 20th October 2023

2. STD IX:
25th October, 2023 – 8th November, 2023

30th October, 2023 – 8th November, 2023

4. STD V, VI, VII:
31st October 2023 – 8th November, 2023

1. Monday, 2nd October, 2023: Sevak – Sevika Day

 Tuesday, 24th October, 2023: Daserra
 9th November, 2023 – 24th November, 2023: Diwali Vacation.
 Monday, 27th November, 2023: Guru Nanak Jayanti

School Reopens on 28th November, 2023.
It will be a full day school. (8.55 am – 3.30 pm)

The school has planned to have “Deeputsav” on 8th November 2023. Please note that the Exam Timing for STD 5-9 has been adjusted to facilitate the coordination with Deeputsav Celebrations.

School timing on 8th November 2023: 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Further notice will be given regarding Exam Timing on 8th November, 2023. (In Time Table)

The Exam Time Tables for STD 5-10 will be given to students and also be posted on the Website.
Wishing you a glowing festival of lights and a wonderful family holiday.
Parents must check the school website regularly for updates, changes and instructions.


Have a great month!
Thank you!
Mrs. Rama Kulkarni